Martha Dorn moved with her family from Prague to Charlotte a few years ago. She barely made ends meet after a divorce and disappeared at work at a reastaurant. Dorn was growing up with her lonely mother, who dedicated her life to daughter. Mother provided her with housing, food, clothes and all the necessities. When Martha Winterink surprisingly discovered the secret of success, she bought a car for her mom to show her gratitude.

The worldwide situation and the deplorable financial condition of the restaurant led to the fact that she was left without a job three months ago. It seemed at first this was the time to despair, but for Martha it became a way to a new life.

As soon as Martha was left without work, she began to search for a new one. However, everything is closed now and companies are not hiring. She frantically went over ideas in her head how to earn money, because what she put aside as a last resort was running out and she understood that in such a period no one would be able to lend her money since everyone lives in a state of the economy on everything.

In a moment of despair, she remembered how her classmate, who went bankrupt during the crisis in 2012, earned a considerable amount of money successfully investing them in shares on a tip from a broker. And she decided to give it a try, because financial markets never stop, and even, during a crisis, you can earn, as she heard, in a falling market. Martha began to look for an easy way and found out that there were tons of platforms promissing easy money, and get-rich-quick schemes.

She began to study information and, in fact, it turned out to be an auto-trading scam into which she almost got into. But thanks to her stubborn nature, she did not despair. Martha believed that if her classmate, who did not have special ingenuity, was able to earn, then she will definitely succeed.

After several weeks of researching she was about to give up, when she stumbled upon an Etoro. Martha signed in, not expecting anything special. She had the last couple of hundred bucks left and she decided to treat them lightly and let go calmly if all else fails. She started to learn Etoro guidance and found out that it is a regulated European broker who has been a long time on the market and has received a license to trade cryptocurrency in the USA recently. It's recognized to be solid and fully trustworthy. She patiently continued to understand the principle by which this platform works and found that no one else offers this approach.

Since not that long ago Martha's Life changed and she shares her experience after on her IG
One of the reasons Martha decided to try Etoro was the fact that Alec Baldwin advertises the platform and she thought that such a famous person would not advertise something bad.

Our editors have tested this on their own experience and it really works, so we attach the registration form as being fully approved.

We decided to put the Etoro to the test, to see if it was really possible for you to make money.

Our journalist Tom Klark registered on the Etoro and tried it himself. At first, he took the platform rather lightly. He looked at what transactions the top cryptocurrency traders made and began to try something like that. This was his mistake. As a person with no experience, he decided that investing the same amount and setting such settings would be enough to close several successful deals and get to the top himself. However, his attempts were unsuccessful and in the first two days he lost half of the budget invested.

He even thought that it is a scam for a scond, but then he decided to give it another try. Tom made a research of all the top traders on the platform who works with BTC, then he picked the trader whose rating has been consistently high for the past several months and who doesn't invest much in any deal.

Tom Klark began to repeat his deals on BTC. It is important to highlight that he used the Copy feature to make the deals. Three days later, the first profit appeared. Then he decided to try to copy deals from another trader with a similar rating. In order to save, he invested small amounts so as not to lose everything at once.

It took only about an hour of time per day. Five days later, his result was $ 1200, while initially he invested only $ 200. Now Tom assures that it is possible to earn money on Etoro, but you have to pay lots of attention to what deals you copy.

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